Caleb Gray

I've been programming professionally for over 20 years and I'm still hoping to learn more. My interests range from creating web sites and their backends, to retro consoles from scratch, to outfitting my own smart home with locally hosted AI. I believe in building strong relationships with people so that brainstorming with them is simultaneously fun but also productive. My favorite projects have always stemmed off of the high energy teamwork that I've experienced while working with others also passionate about our favorite nanoscopic semiconductors. Thanks for checkin' me out!

Find a copy of my resume, right here.

Jobs lists the projects that I'm able to share publicly without breaking any of the non-disclosure agreements that I've signed.

Projects is a collection of published products that I've completed over the years. Again, much of the work that I do is unfortunately protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Contributions are my continued efforts to improve open source projects.