Bitstudio Games (August 2007 to June 2010)

Powered by Big Screen Gaming, made in Unreal Engine 3, allowed 16 players to compete against a boss, or each other, in a cinema.

Developed a a virtual world, featuring 5 different environments, with at least 30 games each. As well as creating countless in-world activities, including a customizable avatar, in-game purchases, and designed, developed, and maintained the servers to handle thousands of concurrent players per second.

Won second place in a contest hosted by TED Talks with this entry from Bitstudio Games.

Facebook app for adopting and giving away virtual pets.

Another title for Bitstudio games, an increasingly more difficult puzzle game.

An arcade game for Bitstudio Games.

A physics demo for Bitstudio Games, fun too.

First game for Bitstudio Games, a story driven hidden objects adventure.